Loobtoob Precision Applicator System

What is a loobtoob, and why does it exist?


Mechanical assemblies require regular maintenance; this requires a technician to disassemble, clean, re-grease and re-assemble components. Most of these services require the reapplication of grease, anti-seize, loctite or some other assembly aid for proper operation and re-installation. 

The current means of applying grease using a grease tub(e) and your finger / grease brush can be messy, wasteful, and lead to inconsistent results.


Radar Laboratories, or Radlabs for short, is introducing its first commercial product, 

The Loobtoob Precision Applicator System. 

Created through years of frustration as both a bike mechanic and a design engineer; I found there was no widely available dispenser / applicator system. In my specific application, I wanted a way to measure how much material was being dispensed on a surface during assembly as a means of quality control; if I could control these small details, the final result of the assembly could be stabilized by further reducing variables. This is true in many operating procedures for service and maintenance, and as a bike mechanic I was greatly aware of how much the right amount of grease, in the right place, can change how a bike rides. 

After months of toying with ideas, I made a prototype by crudely combining a grease brush and traditional slip style syringe. The concept was solid as it met many of my criteria: Dispenser can be filled with any viscosity material, a range of attachments could be fitted, usable with one hand, economical and of course graduated for measurement… After only a few uses though, I realized that the slip style syringe would not hold the pressure of me forcing the grease into the applicators, and the applicator would slip off. This of course would make a huge mess and was not acceptable for use at all... 

After some basic research I came across a Leur-Lock syringe, which is a global standard fitting system for syringes. This helical lock solved the last main conceptual issue for the Application System, and further checked some boxes, as it is a global standard that is not proprietary, provides a leak proof lock, and will withstand the pressure of some thick material being forced through it. Finding durable and reliable syringes is more difficult than you'd think, and after buying some absolute garbage on the internet, I approached some manufacturers; luckily finding high quality and economical options that are virtually indestructible.

The dispenser was only half of the system though, and while theoretically perfect, the prototype applicator needed to be redesigned. The Brush-It was born when I mated a grease brush to a fitting from a hydraulic brake bleed kit. It allowed the brush to lock on to the syringe via Luer-Lock, and allowed the material inside of the syringe to flow perfectly through the brush. Even though the second prototype was held together with a zip-tie and superglue, it was used everyday for 2 months while I completed the design and coordinated the manufacture of samples. 

The current Brush-it is in its 4th iteration, and it has been refined to provide the best possible user experience. The nylon bristles are durable, chemically resistant and cleanable, the body is made of seamless stainless steel, and the openings are tailored to the sizes of the brushes to allow even application. Three sizes of the Brush-It paired with our Flat Needle Applicator makes for a versatile system that's both great for applying grease into somewhere small or spreading it over something large.

With testing and community feedback we are hoping to continue to improve the Loobtoob Precision Applicator System, and create applicators for more purposes. Please let us know if you have any feedback, an idea for an applicator, or unique uses for the Loobtoob System.



There are two tiers of Loobtoob syringes available in two capacities
  • Loobtoob Basic and Loobtoob Pro
  • Both available in 10ml and 20ml
There are four applicators, three are Brush Type, one is Needle Type, with others on the way.

Brush-It - Available in Small / Medium and Large

  • Nylon brush applicator with multiple sizes, for applying grease to any project.
  • Material dispenses into the brush for clean, convenient one handed application.

Flat Needle Applicator (FnA) - Available in 14g short only.

  • Stainless Steel 14 gauge / 12mm long needle pressed FLAT at the tip. 
  • Produces a ribbon or bead of material when dispensed.
There are multiple accessories to aid in transportation and storage of the loobtoob.

4pc Stand - Worktop storage for quick access to the right choice for the job.

  • Holds Two 10ml and Two 20ml Loobtoobs
  • Fits any length accessory
  • Fits both loobtoob basic and pro

Syringe Cap - Mobile storage that contains any unwanted mess. Perfect for in the toolbox!

  • Cap that covers the applicator end of the syringe
  • Contains mess for transportation
  • Keeps contaminants from sticking to applicators

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  • Hi! Very nice looking products! I want to set up 4 workstations with your applicators for bike shop use. what do you suggest? And some spareparts with it. Cheers, Romi www.rodeobike.ch

    Romeo Volken

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