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Great product!

Makes grease application clean and precise. Highly recommend.

Convert your Dualco grease gun

Allows you to use luer lock fittings on your Dualco grease gun, what more could you want?!

If you're not using these your seriously missing out

Where have these been all my life! Makes life so much easier. At the price, it's a complete no brainer.

Mountain Biking and Maintenance

After coming across this product on Instagram, this looked like a better alternative than my mini pistol type grease gun that I have been using with paint brushes.

Overall, very happy with the product and optional covers. The days of getting grease all over my hands doing mountain bike maintenance is over.

Great ingenuity from this company, and applicable for many industries.

Awsome product

Nice and light product. Feels like quality.

Loobtoobs are awesome

I absolutely love the 2 20ml Loodtoobs that purchased. I wish I had these 15 years ago. I have been using medical syringes with bunt needles and they just worked ok. Sometimes after alot of use I would have pressure hot spots. Also the rubber in the medical ones expands and goes bad. These Loobtoobs fixes both issues. SO much better!


I love it I’m gonna have to get more!!

Top products

I’m happy for these one purchase

Perfect products!

Best customer service in the world

It’s easy to make a good product. To have a good product that people support and deliver it in a way that makes people want to give you money is hard.

Ethan was responsive and supportive in both logistics and custom solutions and enabled me to get my product on time even when it was a rush. Having a high-quality product that makes work more efficient on top of that is just a bonus.

Even though the printing files are free, I Will spend more money here.

LTPK20L - Loobtoob Pro 20ml + Brush-It Large

Keeps the work brench clean and mess free. Easy to to use.

Great applicator and excellent quality

Works perfectly. Very glad I ordered this product.

Clean grease application

Nice to have a small bristle brush when you need a thin or even layer of grease or any other semi solid lubricant/anti corrosive applied to small moving parts such as bearing faces, linkage etc.. will def be ordering more of these in assorted sizes. Thanks for a solid product

less mess = less work

Just an extremely practical and useful tool to get grease, sealant, brake fluid etc.. exactly where you want it and in the right amount. I recommend these to anybody that maintains their own bikes, dirt bikes, cars etc.. They make life easy when it comes to building a bike, adding tubeless sealant to a tire, bleeding brakes etc... Don’t forget Radar offers a proper fitting cap as well as clip attachments for every size loob toob so your syringes are easy to reach and right where they need to be when you need them.

I almost can't stand grease from a tub anymore

Full on shop use and I can say it's made me dislike any requirements to pull grease from a tub/tin. I just love the mess free use an precise application and I want all my grease varieties to be in one of these toobs. 20ml and up loobtoob seems far better for shop use as we cruise through grease quantity pretty fast, so it's just nice not to have to refill too frequently.

Perfect to get the job done!

I use 5 types of grease on my bike, best way to use the exact mount and don’t get extra dirty!


Really good tool. saves me a lot of time on washing my hands

Great product

Nice item for a clean setup. Looking forward to getting set up for a mobile kit with smaller syringes.

Loobtoobs for life.

Any size works amazing. I own 4 loobtoobs for different kind of grease, and they all work well. You get an assortment of tips included with it. But I bought the extra metal tips to apply on hard to get areas.

They also have a pro look. Which makes people interested in the product. Get yourself one today. You won't regret it.

Jessica B

The best grease applicators

Good quality, I like the various tips you can get.
And I also got the black cap for them and is a must if you're travelling with them.


Quality product, quick shipping and it came with extras I didn't even order! Great customer service!

The best !!!

Awesome 👏

Absolutely awesome

Game changing. Rad. Nearly perfect. Note that these don’t work for liquids but are awesome for semi solid applications such as grease, carbon paste, anti seize, etc.